• Gorge.net is offering free internet installation to:
    •  Anyone living in the Maupin area who can be connected to the fiber optics -  where the drop can be installed without a significant cost.  (there may be a cost for trenching, etc., if a person wants to dig a trench themselves the free installation would still be honored.) 
    • Anyone living in the area where wireless internet is available - meaning they have a good line of sight to the satellite link on Tygh Ridge. 
  • In addition, Gorge.Net is offering 2 Free Months of internet service for anyone who has internet installed through this offer. 

Please make sure to mention that you live within the South Wasco County School District Boundaries for this offer. 

Thank you to the crew at Gorge.Net, and for Mayor, Lynn Ewing who has been involved in making this happen for our community.  :)

Follow this link for more information - https://www.gorge.net/contact/