Our District

South Wasco County School District is located in Maupin, Oregon. Maupin is located along the beautiful Deschutes River known for whitewater rafting and a prolific fishery. Chances are if you have been to Maupin you came here to enjoy the many activities the river has to offer.

South Wasco County School District encompasses the entire southern region of Wasco County. This area is approximately 600,000 acres in size. The district has two schools; Maupin Grade School and South Wasco County Junior/Senior High School. Our district takes in many of the small communities in the area including: Wamic, Tygh Valley, Simnasho, Shaniko, Pine Hollow, Sportsman's Park, Wapinitia and Pine Grove. Although we are a small and rural district, we feel that we have a lot to offer our students and families.

Maupin Grade School – Being a small and rural school has many positives for our students. Class sizes at the grade school range from 13 to 25 students per class. We have one teacher per level and have made investments in early academic interventions in the form of educational assistants as well. We also have a full-time Special Education teacher who focuses on Reading and Math Interventions for all students.

This year through a partnership with the PTO, Americorps, Ethos Rural Music Program, and the District we were able to have a full time music program. Mr. Kelly has been an instant success with the students, who have been longing to have music back in the school. It is great to see students toting instruments around the school and community again. We have also been able to increase our PE offerings for students at the grade school. We have every student involved in PE and music everyday.

To help support our students and teachers the district adopted updated reading curriculum for K-6. Our primary teachers chose a program called Wonders that is highly engaging and has a strength in teaching those fundamental skills which students need as the foundation of being a good reader. The intermediate teachers chose Reach For Reading, a program in which National Geographic supplies many of the leveled readers to keep students engaged while students exercise and expand their reading skills. Both new curriculum have engaging materials and supporting tools for teachers and are aligned to Common Core, we are anticipating great student growth in these areas.

Math is also an area focus in our grade school. The District has made a commitment to focus on helping students improve their math skills and is implementing a math intervention program. The program is called Jump Math and is manipulative and activity focused. The range of skills covered include everything from number sense to algebraic reasoning.

South Wasco Junior High/High School – at the high school we have made some room changes to better serve students. We have moved our Intervention room from the modular into the main hallway, so that any student who is struggling with any academic area can access help easily. Our Math and Robotics rooms are now located in the modular, allowing for more room for Math and a separate room for our highly successful Robotics club. (They need the room, they have a lot of equipment )

We are also very excited to re-establish our Spanish classes at the high school. By taking Spanish in high school the foreign language requirement in most state colleges is met.

We have also implemented what we are calling our “Chrome Lab” at the high school. This lab will be fully staffed throughout the day, and is a place where students can take online credit recovery classes, college level courses online and is also used for study hall throughout the day.

We are also very proud of a new program called, Next Steps. Next Steps is a one-on-one time where seniors have the time and support to work on their transition from high school to the work force, trade schools or college. Students receive support when applying for financial aid, signing up for the SAT/ACT, filling out college or trade school applications, creating a resume for employment and also have time to work on scholarships. We will be “over-communicating” with parents of seniors about the progress their students are making. This year, through Measure 98 funding, our seniors will each have a small amount of money set aside to help pay for application costs, SAT/ACT testing costs and any other justifiable expense they incur as they begin working on their post-high school transitions.

At the junior high we have some new exciting things going on as well. This year in the afternoon the junior high students rotate through what we call Skills Cruise. This includes a rotating schedule where students take a study skills class, a PE class and a Music class. This way all students have an opportunity to participant in all three offerings.

I am very proud of the caring way that our staff works with and works for our students. They encourage students to succeed, like all teachers do, but in a small town we take a deeper ownership of each student's educational success. Being small we are able to adjust to the needs of the students and wants of the community quickly, most of the changes listed above are ideas that started with parents and students.

Thank you for your support,

Ryan Wraught, Superintendent

South Wasco County School District #1