Our District

South Wasco County School District is located in Maupin, Oregon. Maupin is located along the beautiful Deschutes River known for whitewater rafting and a prolific fishery. Chances are if you have been to Maupin you came here to enjoy the many activities the river has to offer.

South Wasco County School District encompasses the entire southern region of Wasco County. This area is approximately 1007 square miles in size. The district has three schools; Maupin Grade School, Maupin Middle School and South Wasco County High School. Our district includes many of the small communities in the area including: Wamic, Tygh Valley, Simnasho, Shaniko, Pine Hollow, Sportsman's Park, Wapinitia and Pine Grove. Although we are a small and rural district, we feel that we have a lot to offer our students and families.

Maupin Grade School (K-5) – Being a small and rural school has many positives for our students. Class sizes at the grade school range from 13 to 20 students per grade level. We have one teacher per level and have a lot of classroom support from our educational assistants as well. We also have a full-time Intervention teacher who focuses on Reading and Math Interventions in grades k-4 for all students needing extra support in their learning.

We are also very happy to let you know that we have now have a K-10 music program, with teacher Marty Hanson back in our district.  Mr. Hanson has been an instant success with the students, who have been longing to have music back in the school. It is great to see students back in music class and having that for the school and community again.

We have also been able to increase our PE offerings to meet state requirements for PE.  At the grade school with Mrs. Brown has students doing physical activities every day.   It has been great to see the students out on our new track and football field this year!   

Maupin Middle School – As you may already know, we have moved our 6-8th grades to the Old District building.  This move has been very impactful for students and teachers.  It is great to have an actual middle school building for student in this grade level.  After some bond work is completed the middle school will essentially have their own building complete with gymnasium. 

In a middle school configuration 6-8th grades can share classes and are also able to partake in new engaging electives; Sports Skills, Intro. to Agriculture, Drama, Music Foundations, Computer Coding, Leadership and River Works to name a few. 

For students, we now have a system in place which allows them to gradually receive instruction from teachers specializing in their core subjects and electives that they love; making classes more engaging for all.  This system allows them to prepare for the transition to high school where all core subjects are taught by specialists. We also have a great 5-8th Intervention program for students in this grade band.   

South Wasco High School – at the high school we have a lot of amazing things happening as well.  The district has been awarded various grants to enhance academics for students.  We are currently offering many new engaging electives which include; Film Studies, Woods Manufacturing, Night at the Museum – Ancient World History, Fiber and Creative Arts, Crafts, Computer Aided Design, Team Sports, Intro. to Engineering along with online options.  We will soon be offering additional classes on a rotation, these classes include; Metals, Automotive, Home Economics, Robotics and Career Technical Education classes (CTE). 

At the high school we also require that each student takes our daily Strategies for Success class.  During this time our teaching staff teach organizational skills for success through a program called AVID.    

Another area where I think the high school really stands out is in our career readiness classes.  We offer required classes every year.  Freshman take Intro. to Careers, Sophomores take Careers, Juniors Future Focus and finally our Seniors take Next Steps, a class that supports them as they apply for colleges, trades schools and/or prepare to enter the job market with polished documents skills.  

Track and Bond Projects – we have been very fortunate to be able to have a new track built in the district.  This track is one of the nicest and certainly newest tracks in the state.  Thanks for amazing community support, and what I can only call a Dream Team of volunteers, fundraisers and construction companies we have a world class track with a world class view. 

We are very happy that the voters in our district have passed a bond to address some deferred maintenance concerns as well as build a new building in the district.  Last year, we saw our high school get a new, badly needed roof.  Other projects are pending but we are starting to see some movement as materials are being staged for our new gym/kitchen/café.  It will be very nice for the community to see this project start to move forward. 

I am very proud of the caring way that our staff works with and works for our students. They encourage students to succeed, like all teachers do, but in a small town we take a deeper ownership of each student's educational success. Being small we are able to adjust to the needs of the students and wants of the community quickly, most of the changes listed above are ideas that started with parents and students.

Thank you for your support,

Ryan Wraught, Superintendent

South Wasco County School District #1